Since our establishment in 2002, A Pixels has flourished to become the largest photography production house in Singapore, with a dedicated team of 21.

Our innovative, highly committed team consisting of 6 in-house photographers, DI artists and Producers, who worked closely to conceptualize our client’s vision to life. Our photographers have their own unique style that caters to the needs of different clients, and our producers support all pre-shoot productions from sourcing of locations and props, to casting of model/talent.

With our splendid 10,000 sq feet space and a ceiling height of 25 feet, state of the art equipment, along with 3 modernized studios, A Pixels is more than equipped to handle an extensive array of shoots, from home setting to food photography.

With A Pixels’ earnest and wholehearted vision to serve, we are certain that we will deliver unparalleled photos to all our clients.