Aik Yong

With 20 years of experience under his belt, Aik Yong is proficient in diverse fields of photography. He is able to showcase his versatility through various areas of shoot, namely: lifestyle, automobile and still life.

As the key photographer of A Pixels, Aik Yong plays an integral role in the company. His knack for spotting the optimum angles for photo opportunities helps him flaunt his flair and natural aptitude for capturing excellent photos.

Aik Yong has diligently honed his skills and quickly rose through the ranks. With his eye for detail, Aik Yong went on to set up his first studio in mid-1990. This prizewinning photographer is sure to produce top-quality photographs regardless of the challenge presented to him.

Aik Yong’s skills was further fortified and reinforced when he embarked on various campaign projects on a global scale with both advertising and design agencies. Various clients have expressed their delight and satisfaction with the photographs he has taken, and have stated that they are enamoured by his level of professionalism as well as his mastery of the lens, which left them raptured.

Beny Gan

Beny graduated from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts after majoring in Photography in 2003. Beginning his exciting career with a reputable studio, Beny was offered an assistant position. Unbridled talent and passion landed this precocious budding photographer a promotion within a mere 6 months.

As a challenge-seeking individual, Beny felt it was time for a change in scenery and joined A Pixels Photography after 5 years. Being extremely conscientious of his work, Beny gives his utmost best during each shoot, and relishes the challenge of fusing his artistic instincts with commercial sense.

Having worked with both home grown brands and advertising agencies spanning across different regions such as Shanghai, Malaysia, and Beijing, his repertoire is nothing short of impressive. Beny’s inspirations include Caravaggio, whose mastery of dramatic light-and-dark effects has led Beny to create a style like no other.

Loh KC

Confidence while shooting is a well sought after skill in the world of photography and being well-trained from his days assisting different photographers ever since his very first photo, Loh is never daunted by the various challenges presented to him.

He has done an impressive and extensive range of shoots, from simple product shots, interior & exterior shoots to huge set-ups. With the laudable ability to handle a shoot both professionally and effortlessly, Loh has, without a doubt, established himself to be an indispensable photographer of A Pixels.

Not only is Loh commendably talented at what he does, he is also respectable as a senior photographer at A Pixels, having had a notable 15 years of experience. Loh is an exceptional mentor to new assistants, guiding them and sharing knowledge that would unquestionably benefit their photography education.